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Wreaths Across America

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Community Service Event

This past Saturday, some very determined GWCS Coyotes braved the torrential rain, to participate in ‘National Wreaths Across America Day’ by laying wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery.  Despite the weather, the mood was positive!  It was truly spectacular to lay a wreath, and then turn around to see the field of wreaths that had populated the cemetery.  Truly breathtaking!  While tough to coordinate, we did it, and considered it a major victory that we were all able to link-up, considering the thousands of volunteers that had shown up to participate.  Jonathan and his dad, Emily (Betsy) and Laurie, Connor, EmmaGrace and eventually Ethan, all braved the elements to show true Coyote spirit with this volunteer opportunity.  The rain was very small price to pay for the men and women who have served our Country!  We look forward to better weather next year, so that more Coyotes can participate!  Happy Holidays to everyone!

GW Community School
Wreaths Across America
Community Service Event
Andrea Comes McAleese
GWCS Parent Volunteer
December 15, 2018

Coyotes Walk for Paws


On October 6th 2018, GW Community School participated, once again, in the Bully Paws: Walk for Paws 5K. It was a great event that supported homeless dogs and promoted breed awareness. Bully Paws was able to raise a substantial amount of money to save the lives of shelter dogs throughout the VA/DC/MD area. This walk would not have happened without the generosity and dedication of the families at GWCS.


GW Community School
Walk for Paws 5K
Mr. Connelly, History Teacher
October 6, 2018



Ms. Kohler's Holistic Health Science class went to Food for Others Food Bank on Thursday, December 14, 2017 to donate 319 pounds of food! The entire school participated in contributing the donated goods. Food for Others supports 90,000 Fairfax County families who have been diagnosed as food insecure (unsure of where their next meal will come from).

A doctor's office in Burke, Virginia has started a pilot program partnering with Food for Others to prescribe a food prescription for families in need. Ms. Kohler's Holistic Health Science class got a personalized tour of the facility and had a private Q and A session with the director! It was truly an educational and heartwarming experience.

Thank you to all the GWCS families who contributed to this Food Drive.  Your generosity is especially appreciated at this time of year.

Food for Others Food Drive
Ms. Kohler's Holistic Health Science Class
December 14, 2017

We Walked for a Cause Called BULLY PAWS!

On Saturday, September 30th, 40 GWCS students, teachers, parents, siblings and dogs gathered at Burke Lake Park for the 6th annual Bully Paws  5K Fundraiser.  Bully Paws is a non-profit organization that works with shelters in the MD/DC/VA area, placing pit bull type dogs in foster homes. There, they are cared for by dedicated volunteers until they are adopted.  Everything was perfect for this year's 5K - the sun was bright, the air was crisp and the dozens of dogs mingled peacefully demonstrating unconditional kindness, joy and curiosity.  They were an example to us all. 

Thanks to all the GWCS Coyotes who got up early on this Saturday morning to support a good cause.  

~ Mr. Connelly

Photos/You Tube Video by Gwen Jennifer

Erase the Trace - Accotink Creek Trail

We, here at GWCS, are so dedicated to the "leave no trace" ethic that we go out of our way to erase the trace left behind by other, less considerate, park users.  On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, we had our first community service clean-up event of the year! This is a ritual that will happen once a month or so in order to help preserve our local  forests. Eight students joined the fun and hard work to help clean the Accotink Creek Trail. All students received one hour of community service! Many hands make for light work and a better/cleaner tomorrow. 

Dr. Garon