The Heritage Feast is a GWCS tradition that began in 2010 when a student asked Ms. Warden if the GWCS family could have a Thanksgiving dinner together at school.  Ms. Warden, who always says yes to a good pot-luck dinner, endorsed the idea and a tradition was born. 

In the beginning, families contributed their favorite traditional thanksgiving dish.  A few years ago, to celebrate the diversity of our school community, we spiced it up by asking families to send in food that represented their heritage and changed the name to Heritage Feast.  Ms. Warden also created a catchy Heritage Feast jingle that is echoed around school the month of November.

This year's GWCS Heritage Feast took place on Tuesday, November 25th.  The buffet table was loaded with scrumptious home-made food from around the world and the cafe was comfortably crowded with current students, parents, siblings, staff, and a record breaking number of alumni!  We were all one big happy family with plates loaded, bellies full, and an abundance of gratitude expressed.