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--> Student Dashboard Instructions

  • Receive Homework Assignments
  • Turn in Homework
  • Ask Teachers Questions
  • Manage Student Portfolio

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  • Weekly Status Report
  • Quarterly Report Card
  • Community Service Hours 
  • Attendance Records


  • School Activities
  • School Clubs
  • Community Service Events

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Email & Office software:

--> Microsoft Office 365 Instructions
--> GWCS Computer Setup Tips

  • Outlook Email for School Communications
  • MS Office Software & Apps
  • OneDrive Cloud Storage

Click Skype logo for instructions.

  • Skype for Business is included in your 365 account and uses your 365 login.
  • Skype for Business is not compatible with regular Skype user account.
  • Search your programs for Skype and make sure you select Skype for Business (not the regular Skype)