Worth Quoting - Event Night 2017

Words say it better than photos!

Once a year, most of the GWCS student body stays overnight for fifteen hours of movies, video games, music, junk food, trivia, conversations and sleep deprivation. It's the most anticipated event of the year. 


"I liked watching internet videos with a bunch of kids in Mr. F's room", says Megan. 

"I liked staying up late with friends and having fun", says Zach. 

"I liked how everyone was on their screens, but yet talking to each other the whole time", says Anthony. "It's a nice mix." 

"EVERYONE WAS THERE!" says Scotty. 

"It's when I catch up on all my movies", says Ms. Shumard, "because I have every confidence in Goldie's movie selections." 

"Um, I watched four hours of Stranger Things and I haven't been to sleep ever since," says Goldie. "And there's a second season coming..." 

Josh, a senior who has been to Event Night four times, likes "its unpredictability. One night you can spend four hours playing Risk, the other night you can spend the whole night looking at memes." 

Dr. G, our newest teacher, says he "just likes the opportunity to gather with students and colleagues, to get to know them as individuals, beyond the context of school and work...also to find out what all the fuss was about, since I've been hearing about it since I started here. And I like the fact that a lot of the public high schools do this for seniors at the end of the year, but this school has it for the whole school in the middle of the year, so it's more about relationship building." 

"I thought it was very unifying", says Joey. 

"Event Night is a cherished GWCS tradition", says Ms. Warden. "Students and teachers create memories that last a lifetime."

GWCS Event Night 2017 was maticulously planned and exotically executed by the GWCS Student Government Association.  Quotes gathered by SGA Rep. Extraordinaire... Brian