Ms. Kohler's Holistic Health Science class went to Food for Others Food Bank on Thursday, December 14, 2017 to donate 319 pounds of food! The entire school participated in contributing the donated goods. Food for Others supports 90,000 Fairfax County families who have been diagnosed as food insecure (unsure of where their next meal will come from).

A doctor's office in Burke, Virginia has started a pilot program partnering with Food for Others to prescribe a food prescription for families in need. Ms. Kohler's Holistic Health Science class got a personalized tour of the facility and had a private Q and A session with the director! It was truly an educational and heartwarming experience.

Thank you to all the GWCS families who contributed to this Food Drive.  Your generosity is especially appreciated at this time of year.

Food for Others Food Drive
Ms. Kohler's Holistic Health Science Class
December 14, 2017