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At GWCS, we are sincerely thankful for our amazing community which includes all of our magnificent students, teachers, parents, siblings, grandparents, and alumni who makeup our great school.
GWCS often receives emails or cards with overflowing expressions of gratitude but this year we thought it would be fun, and rewarding for all, to post community comments on a "Coyote Cornucopia Blog" page on the GWCS website for all to enjoy.   
Please take a moment to share something  you are thankful for related to your experience at GWCS by completing this three question survey.  We will update the Coyote Cornucopia Blog with community comments every day from now until the end of November.

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Thank You!

Melissa Morgan - Parent (11.22.16)

What a blessing it is for GWCS students to have a place they can go where wonderful, dedicated teachers recognize and celebrate their strengths and potential in all areas of life - not just academics. Definitely a recipe for well being and future success!

Anonymous - Parent (11.21.16)

My heart is full! I am so thankful for GWCS - that there is a warm, special place like GWCS. I am thankful for the kind, patient staff. I am thankful for caring, understanding teachers, students, counselors, and directors. I am grateful for extensions. I am grateful for workaround. I am grateful for advisory. GWCS does so many things right!


Anonymous - Parent (11.18.16)

We are grateful for Mr. Pereira. He challenges his students with his high expectations, has thought provoking assignments, and makes writers out of the most reluctant students.

Gary T. Lindner - Teacher (11.16.16)

I am thankful for students who want to learn, try to do their work, get involved in class and make class fun! That means all my students this year!

Caroline Cox - Teacher (11.16.16)

I am grateful to the GWCS community and especially to the awesome parents who provided meals and were so helpful and supportive to my family when my husband was undergoing chemotherapy. It will be three years next month that he completed his course of chemo, and there has been no sign of cancer.

Leslie Sandler - Alumni Parent (11.14.16)

My daughter Hannah's experience at GWCS was a game changer for not only her but our entire family. We are so grateful for all the caring teachers and administrators that touched Hannah's life. She is presently a sophomore a James Madison University (JMU) Honors College and doing great. She is making a difference in not only her personal and academic life but also the lives of those she touches through her volunteer activities in the JMU Health Center, Breaking Barriers and prevention hotlines. I strongly believe without GWCS's nurturing, compassionate, powerful and committed teachers and program, she would not be where she is today.

Ciara "Kitty" O'Brien - Student (11.14.16)

I'm grateful for the love and support for my Anime Club! This means so much to me! Thank you all so much!

Anonymous - Teacher/Staff (11.14.16)

I am thankful for the GWCS students who teach me (through their daily interactions with each-other) what it means to be kind, forgiving, inclusive, patient, supportive, nonjudgmental, silly, honest and truly in-the-moment.  GWCS Coyotes Rock!

Marcelle & Barry - Current Parents (11.13.16)

We are grateful for the opportunity for Xavier to learn in a stress-free and friendly environment, with encouraging staff and fun and interesting teens. It's been one the greatest positive forces in his life and it came at just the right time. I love the extracurricular options - hiking, community service opportunities, Goldie's History in Film, Food Chemistry, and so much more. Thank you GWCS!

ANONYMOUS - Current Parent (11.12.16)

I am thankful for the GWCS sports scene. Without Goldie's vision and Connelly's dedication, there would be no GWCS girls' varsity basketball team. I am also thankful for the "basketball moms," the ladies who come to the games to cheer and support and be glad that our daughters are working together and helping each other grow up one game at a time. GWCS teaches "community" by enacting community.

Jette Hansen - Alumni Parent (11.11.16)

I am so thankful for our years at GWCS. I am grateful or Ms Warden agreeing to take our son in early and for making him feel heard and valued.

Thanks to GWCS he has grown into a fine young man who now is aware that he has a significant contribution to make to the world and who listens well to his inner drum to find his unique pacing.

GWCS is a very special place....Enjoy!

Emma Vroom - Alumnus (11.11.16)

I am thankful for the GWCS teachers and community that pushed me to run for student council, something I was scared to do. I ended up loving it and now, six years later, I am the student council faculty advisor at the school where I teach. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and encouragement of all GWCS staff.

Cathleen Callaway - Current Parent (11.11.16)

We are thankful that Anne has such wonderful place to go every day--so welcoming, inclusive, and fun! Thank you GWCS faculty and staff for truly going above and beyond!!

Noah & Mattie - Students (11.09.16)

We're thankful for our 6th period time with Warden!

Anne Bentley & George Petty - current Parents (11.07.16)

We are so thankful to the GWCS family for welcoming us to the tribe. We are also grateful for the time and attention that the GWCS teachers give to all of the students and for the many enriching activities offered in and out of the classroom.

Anne - Student (11.07.16)

I am so thankful for Ms. Sinichko! She is always there for me and willing to help me with whatever I need. She's the best! ❤️

Tanis Batsel Stewart - current Parent (11.07.16)

I am thankful for the students whose strength and determination to look out for each other's best interests allow them to be true friends. I am especially thankful for the GWCS community that allows them to develop these characteristics!

Michael Andrews Bashan - Alumnus Teacher (11.05.16)

I am thankful for the senior essay writing retreat at Lake Anna. It is a great example of how GWCS focuses on relationships and acts of learning and not on the institution of school.

Nancy & Ted Cronin - current Parents (11.03.16)

We are thankful Elizabeth is part of the GWCS family. We appreciate how everyone has embraced her and made her transition to high school such a pleasant experience. Elizabeth enjoys getting up to go to school every day and is so happy!

Ms. W - Director (11.03.16)

I am eternally grateful to my kind and loving students. They make my day every day.

Maureen Harris - current Parent (11.02.16)

I am thankful for the GWCS teachers and administrators who offer weekend activities like hiking a mountain or watching a Shakespeare play to students. I am grateful for these activities that encourage teens to see themselves in a larger context and allow them to feel the excitement and satisfaction that comes with challenging themselves.

Anne - Student (11.01.16)

I am extremely thankful for Ms. Warden! She is truly an angel. She not only manages the school, she takes time to talk to anyone who needs to talk to her and makes sure all her students know that she wants them here at school and that she loves them. Best principal ever!

Trevor Ferguson - Alumnus (10.27.16)

Junior year, Dr. Cox helped me really understand the principals and glories of physics. Without all the help I got, there would be no way that I could get a good grade in my nano-science class.

Anonymous - student (10.27.16)

I'm thankful for my teachers at GWCS because they encourage me to keep trying and to work hard.  At my old school I felt like I was a bother.  At GWCS I feel respected. 

Thanks for the Thanks!