Mrs. Saile, this year's GWCS PAC President, helped us kick of the year with a very thoughtful community service event.  Mrs. Saile organized care packages to be sent to all of the 2014 GWCS graduates!  After all of the students signed all of the cards for all of last year's seniors, a group of students then stayed after school to decorate the cards.  Families baked dozens of homemade cookies and a group stayed after school another day to make a snack mix to add to the packages with the cookies.   By September 23rd the packages were in the mail.  The really fun part for us was hearing from the alumni as they received their surprise care packages!  See below for a few of the Facebook quotes and images: 

Current Students decorating cards for Class of 2014 care packages...

Status quotes on Facebook from a few of the alumni after receiving their surprise care packages...


My high school is better than your high school. Thanks GWCS!
— Maria S., Kenyon College, Ohio


At first, I thought only Maria was getting one after I saw her post on Facebook. Which would have made sense because Maria is fantastic. Receiving my package absolutely made my week and I’m so grateful I have such a comforting community back home. College has been wonderful and I can’t wait to see everybody soon!
— Jack V., Pace University, NYC


Yay free stuff! Just got a carebearstare package from my high school, GWCS! Thanx everyone, that note is definitely going on my wall! P.S. as you can see, my quilt has been very useful up here in the far north!
— William M., St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, CA


I just got my package! Food is awesome, especially since I have been eating cafeteria food for a month. Thanks so much, the card brought back so many good memories of GWCS. I don’t think bugles are sold in Canada so those were a real treat.
— Theo V., Quest University, British Columbia
The GW Community School Graduating Class of 2014

The GW Community School Graduating Class of 2014