Scrambling at Sportrock

It's raining out so the planned outdoor community service event is awash.  What to do?  After scrambling to explore a number of different options it was decided... indoor rock climbing!  Ms. Kohler and Senor Torres took five GWCS underclassman to Sportrock Climbing Center in Alexandria, VA for a morning of indoor active thrills!  Why Sportrock?  If we can't do something to improve our community we will do something to improve ourselves!  Indoor rock climbing allows us to move outside of our comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment and helps to build confidence, promote self esteem, and teach us that overcoming fear is a healthy part of life. 

Students and teachers challenged their bodies to go the limit. We practiced climbing techniques as instructed by the faculty on site on a variety of boulder rock designs. Marius and Elizabeth were natural climbers, who surely out shined the adults! We also embraced the gym that was on site. Emily showed off her jump-roping skills, while Justin and Charlie pumped some iron. Everybody had an awesome time, got a great workout and left feeling challenged and successful!

~Ms. Kohler & Senor Torres

GW Community School
Sportrock Climbing Center
October 11, 2017