Reflections from an Alumni Parent, 14 Years Later

Dear Friends of GW Community School,

I'm the parent of a 2004 GWCS graduate.  My son started late in his freshman year after a long struggle with social anxiety.  He had always loved school, but was having trouble going.  Finding GWCS gave him his life back, and he thrived!  It was a place where he could be challenged academically, take part in extra curricular activities and feel part of a community.  My shy son got involved in Student Government and Theatre productions and he traveled to Costa Rica and Spain.  He went on to get into several colleges.  He's now completing his fellowship in pediatric pulmonology, and is a husband and father.  The amazing teachers, and the welcoming and supportive environment made all the difference in the world to my son, and I continue to be incredibly thankful that we found this school.

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I'm writing you today to ask for your support of GWCS.  I know there are many more stories like mine out there, and many more kids who need a place like this.  It's not easy to run a small school.  Year after year, the staff and teachers have made it work.  I am starting an alumni campaign to connect past parents and students with the school, to invite them to stay involved and to help support the efforts of the staff and teachers of GWCS.  My goal is to help keep the school running for many more years so as to help many, many more kids like ours.


  • EXPLORE the school's wonderful website at
  • FOLLOW the GW Community School on Facebook.  Follow what's happening at the school by sending a friend request to the 'Goldie Warden' Facebook page and check in with alumni on the GWCS Alumni Group.
  • SUPPORT the school and its many programs by going to www.gwcommunityschool/support-us.  Here are a few ways you can help:
    • Annual Auction Fundraiser:  This is a VIRTUAL Auction - no need to leave the comfort of your home to support the school and score some great finds.  The Auction will run March 6 -15, 2018.  Donate items and/or bid on auction items. 
      Visit the Support Us page on the school's website for more info.
    • Direct Donations:  If you'd just like to donate directly, you can do so from the
      Support Us page of the GW Community School website or by mail.*
    • Shop through Cause Network.  Sign up on your computer or download the app for your phone and make purchases through the site to support the school!  Details on the Support Us page of the GWCS website!

I'm sending letters this year because I don't have many emails.  If you'd prefer me to use email to get in touch with you, please send me yours.

Thanks for reading my letter.  I hope you will consider joining me in helping this amazing school so they can continue to help kids like ours for years to come.


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Jean Abood
2004 GWCS Alumni Parent

*Because of the school's tax status, donations are not tax decuctible but are needed and appreciated very much!

GW Community School
2004 Alumni Parent
Letter Sent December 2017