The GWCS SGA planned and executed an exhilarating afternoon of Halloween Hoopla!  Long before the afternoon events began, the SGA arrived at school early and hung decorations to get everyone in a festive mood.  (Many thanks to ALL students who lent a hand, there were some non-SGAers who helped out.)  Students arrived at school in full costumed glory.  What a treat to look into classrooms full of studious superheroes and villains (fortunately, no clowns).  Once classes were over, the afternoon activities started with the well-established GWCS tradition:  The Dangling Donut competition. Each advisory selects a distinguished student who will represent their advisory with honor and glory as they attempt to eat a donut that is dangling from a tree by a string, while blindfolded, and without the use of their hands.  Photos depict the audaciousness of this competition much better than words (click image to enlarge)...

Following the Dangling Donut competition, the SGA staged a runway for the costume contest.  Speaking of costumes... 95% of the students came to school in costume (and in character).  It was an awesome exhibition of coyote pride! Congratulations to Kylo Ren (1st place), Batman (2nd place) and Robin (3rd place).  Note - first place was actually a tie but they broke the tie with a civilized superhero vs. villain game of rock-paper-scissors. 

Following the costume contest, the SGA announced the winner of the pumpkin carving contest from an event they sponsored a few days prior.  Congratulations Xavier ~ the alien!

After all of these festivities, students stayed after school for the annual Scary Movie Marathon.  Those who were brave enough to stay enjoyed American Werewolf in London and The Mothman Prophecies (a.k.a. The scariest movie ever!  One that Ms. Shu can't look away from even though she knows she won't be able to sleep for a month!)