Surviving the Campout

In many cultures there are events that are known as ‘rights of passage.’  They are moments in an adolescent’s life when they are required to demonstrate bravery, or wisdom, or compassion, or ingenuity, or grit.  They are moments that are not taken lightly.  They are moments that, after accomplished, will alter the way that the performer of the task will be regarded with a different air: noble, honorable, mature, or wise.  With your status elevated and your place in the community secured, you are a different person moving forward.  Confident.  Poised.  Empowered.

We have such a ‘right of passage’ at GWCS.  It is called the Freshman and Sophomore Campout.  The terrain is difficult.  The elements unkind.  The provisions scant.  It is not an activity for the faint of heart.  The youngest of the GWCS pack must endure these harsh conditions for nearly fifteen hours before they are scooped-up by their early-morning rides and driven quickly to a nearby restaurant for pancakes and waffles.  It is truly an ordeal for only the heartiest campers.  This year we were nearly 500 feet away from the bathrooms and showers!

Yes, there were s’mores, gogurts, and apple juice, but do not be deceived by these incidentals.  The conditions were brutal.  During a harrowing game of ‘assassins’ in the playground, or, that is, the dry, foreboding savannah, all of the campers except two were taken-out before Detective Jack captured Kaitlyn and ended her dastardly spree.  Truth or Dare was perilous.  The moonlight walk on paved roads was treacherous!  Cooking dinner on the iron grill that the park provided was indeed a harrowing experience!

Against all odds, we all survived.  We worked together.  We persevered.  We overcame.  We bonded.  We formed life-long friendships that are strong, even to this day.  Burke Lake Park was no match for our boundless ineptitude!  Wait, I meant intrepidness! 

Purple bandanas of the world unite!  The 2:00 AM hike has been cancelled!

GW Community School
Freshmen/Sophomore Camping Trip
Mr. Goldie, Camp Director
September 20, 2019