Senior College Essay Writing Retreat

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Senior College Essay Writing Retreat

Like lemmings to the sea, GWCS seniors make a final, fateful fall pilgrimage…

Wait, wait, that’s not right. Not even close to correct.

We explained to the students in advance they had nothing to fear; we were very clear about this.  We said they might experience a bit of disorientation at first and would likely feel “different” afterwards – a lightening of the spirit, a peacefulness, a satori-like epiphany – but that those were normal, in fact predictable, reactions.  It’s true that there was a storm of biblical proportions, but that just added to the mystique, although it did douse the possibility of a campfire replete with ritual incantations and such.

Just to be clear, there were neither lemmings nor cliffs involved…

Rather, the senior class, Dr. G, Mr. Wallace, and Ms. Warden ventured to Lake Anna State Park October 10 – 12 for the annual Senior College Essay Writing Retreat.  And what did we do there? In addition to conversing, breaking bread together, and enjoying off-campus life, students drafted, edited, received guidance from the faculty writing team, revised, lathered, rinsed, and repeated their way to finished or nearly finished college admission essays. Pointless sentences were made pointy and dull passive voice was made active until students authentically expressed themselves and revealed their personalities and aspirations in coherent and compelling written form.

And it was fun, too.


GW Community School
Senior College Essay Writing Retreat
October 12, 2018
Dr. Garon, English