Senior College Essay Writing Retreat

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The more things stay the same, the more they change; for the past 12 years, GWCS seniors and teachers have traveled to Lake Anna to clear their heads, disconnect from their devices, and write their college essays. But even though we're always in the same place, no two retreats are the same; the unique strengths and experiences that each student brings to the retreat, and the ways they support, encourage, and sometimes challenge each other make every essay writing retreat special. This year for the first time we stayed in brand new lodges that had just been constructed with magnificent views and large, luxurious common areas for hardworking writers to put their feet up on the furniture and get their thoughts down on paper. Highlights included a ghost story, Frisbee, the most delicious salad of all time and most importantly, thirteen fully finished, polished, brilliant essays. Special thanks to Carol Hearle for helping us out with the supplies!

~ Mr. Pereira

GW Community School Class of 2018
Lake Anna State Park
October 4-6, 2017