Annual Trip to Boston - the Center of All Things Tech: MIT SPLASH! Trip

November 21 - 22, 2015

For those not in the know, M.I.T. (Massachursetts Institute of Technology), the center for perhaps all things geeky, holds a wonderful annual opportunity called MIT Splash! for high school students around the country to take a sampling of classes on the sprawling Cambridge campus. Classes are taught by anyone who has an interest to teach, which makes the diversity of courses offered staggering. You could have a class taught by a local chef, artist, Harvard professor, stay at home mother of three, or a lawyer.

Prior to leaving for the trip, GWCS students had to sign up in a lottery for the classes they wanted to take which ranged from technology/robotics to interpretive dance! The fact that they have to have a lottery system tells you how competitive this process can be! Armed with their course schedules and the excitement of missing a few days of school, GWCS students, parents, and teacher chaperones headed to the airport for a north eastern adventure on Friday, November 20th.

In addition to two full days of classes on the MIT campus, the students enjoyed an opportunity to see the Pixar exhibit at the Massachusetts Science Museum, tour a few of the many Boston area colleges, see penguins at the New England Aquarium, ride the T transit system, and take in all the bustling intellectual energy Boston is known for. Certainly a cram packed few days that many (including an equally excited teacher chaperone) are excited to repeat again next year!