It's the 7th Annual... Heritage Feast!


All of us at GWCS are truly thankful for our coyote parents, grandparents, students, siblings, teachers and alumni.  Everyone in our community plays an integral part in creating an upbeat,  safe and challenging environment in order for learning, exploration, and growth to take place every single day.  We lean on each other, we learn from each other, we "Smash" with each other, and today... we feast together!  

We are particularly thankful for the 75+ GWCS parents, grandparents, students, siblings, teachers and the 25+ alumni who attended our 7th Annual GWCS Heritage Feast!  Best Heritage Feast yet!  Why was it the best?  Because sooooo many people came, and ate, and visited, and hugged, and reminisced.  The hum of voices and the spark of laughter in the cafe was the perfect way to start our holiday break.    

An extra loud shout-out to all of the Coyote families who contributed the never-ending variety of delicious foods, desserts and drinks and for the parent volunteers who set up before and cleaned up after.

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GW Community School
Annual Heritage Feast
November 21, 2017