Victory at the Accotink Cardboard Boat Regatta!

Trevor, Paul & Wade (and Dr. Cox in the background)

On a glorious sunny Sunday at Lake Accotink, Dr. Cox's Honors Physics class, in their intrepid craft "Fingerbox" dominated the competition and emerged victorious in the Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta. The team of Wade Carter, Trevor Ferguson, and Paul Whittington won not only the schools, civic groups and scouts category, but also the survivors’ race made up of all boats that were still seaworthy after the individual races. The GWCS team worked on the boat for a month and a half, including every day during the last two weeks before the race. "Getting the shape of the boat together was the hardest part," says Wade. "We were kind of doubting ourselves because it was a rush at the end to finish the boat and we didn't know how it would perform, so it felt good to win." This Saturday marked the 12th time the Honors Physics class has participated in the Cardboard Boat Regatta, and the 5th win of the category. This is the first time GWCS students have won both the category and the survivor’s race. Now next year's class will have some big, cardboard shoes to fill.