Alexa Warden - GWCS CO-FOUNDER & Director

Ms. Warden was born into an educational community: her parents were teachers and administrators at the McLaren School in upstate  New York, where one of her passions was early evident (her first word was "Doggie"). She grew up in northern Virginia and attended  George Mason University for both her undergraduate and graduate  studies.

Alexa's career in education took her from a position as assistant teacher to that of lead teacher in a private special education school and thereafter in private schools. Her background in special education lead to her being chosen by a prominent NGO (non-governmental organization) to work in children's homes throughout Bosnia Herzegovina in a program developed to address children's issues after  the war and foster mutual understanding between Muslims, Serbs and Croats. Intermittently for more than two years she worked in this area (where walking in a minefield was more than just a grim metaphor).

Upon her return from Bosnia, with the backing a several concerned parents, and together with Rick Goldie, Alexa founded GW Community School in 1999, where she serves as Director and teaches as well. She was named VFW Teacher of the Year for Virginia in 2002. Besides teaching and leading students in educational travel all over the world (Costa Rica, Spain, Africa, Iceland, England, Italy, the Grand Canyon), Alexa enjoys her never-ending quest to run the greatest school on the planet as well as kayaking, growing flowers and vegetables, hunting and selling antiques and creating natural remedies.  Last, but certainly not least, Ms. Warden's life is rounded out and made complete by her (not so) sweet put, Frankie.