UPDATE #3 - fEBRUARY 19, 2019


MARCH 27 - APRIL 3, 2019

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Today marks 10 DAYS until the March 1st deadline for donation collection for the GWCS Annual Online Auction.  This year, our goal is for each GWCS family to procure at least one item/service for our auction.  I use the word 'procure' purposefully - we are not asking you to buy an item, but to seek out a donation from a local business or donate a skill of value to our GWCS community. Utilize existing relationships you have with local businesses! Ask your hairstylist, nail tech, favorite restaurant, coffee shop, wine shop, gym...the list is endless.  What would you want to see donated to the auction?  BE CREATIVE!!

The Donation Letter and Donation Form can be downloaded from the GWCS Support Us page.  You can also find the link to the online donation form on that page as well.  Please submit all donations and online donation forms by Friday, March 1st. 

Remember, all funds raised through the auction directly benefit our students.  Thank you so much for your support. 


Kim Dwyer
PAC Fundraising Chair
Call or Text: 703-626-0530
Email: PAC-Fundraising@gwcommunityschool.com

 UPDATE #2 - FEBRUARY 15, 2019