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My Three Angels


  • Wednesday, December 14th from 7pm - 9pm
  • Thursday, December 15th from 7pm - 9pm

"The scene is French Guiana, a region where on Christmas day the temperature has graciously dropped to 104 degrees. Three convicts are employed as roofers by a family, whose roof is in desperate need of maintenance. On the way from France is an evil-minded cousin, to oust the father of the family from his business, and his cold-blooded nephew, who is jilting the father's daughter for an heiress. The three convicts—two of them murderers, the third a swindler—take the visitors on. All three have warm hearts and are passionate believers in true justice. Possessing every criminal art and penal grace, they set matters right and in doing so redeem themselves as real life angels to the grateful family."


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Order your assigned-seat tickets today.  Limited availability!

After reserving your seat, please send in a check to GWCS and tickets will be sent home.

$15 per ticket in advance / $20 per ticket at the door (if there are any seats left)




Do you have any household items from the 1900s or that at least look like that time period?   Please take a moment to browse the long list of props needed and see if there's anything you could lend us!  If at all possible, we need props to be delivered by Friday, December 9th.  


Following are brief descriptions of the behind-the-scenes help needed to pull off the Theatre production of "My Three Angels".  Email Mr. Goldie at by 3pm Wednesday, December 7th if you are interested.  Attendance at a few rehearsals may be required depending on the position.

  1. Stage Manager - be Mr. Goldie's assistant/gofer/sanity keeper/bff
  2. Costume Coordinator - assist actors with costumes and make sure costume items are at the appropriate stage location before each act.
  3. Makeup Artist - arrive by 6:00 pm Wed & Thu to assist actors before productions with makeup and hair as needed
  4. Head of Props - arrive by 6:00 pm Wed & Thu to organize props at various entrance points
  5. Ticket Collector - arrive by 6:30 pm Wed & Thu to collect/sell tickets before show
  6. Usher - arrive by 6:30 pm Wed & Thu to help people find their assigned seat and hand out programs.