***The 2017 Summer Events Schedule will be posted in the spring!***

2016 Summer Events at GWCS:

GWCS offers fun summer activities providing our students many opportunities to get together after school lets out.   Click on the link below for the full summer events schedule which includes:  Movie Marathons, National's Baseball Game, Yearbook BBQ, Bowling Bash, Book Discussions and more!  Be sure to sign-up before the RSVP deadlines! 

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***The 2017 Summer Reading Requirement will be posted in the spring!***

2016 GWCS Summer Reading Requirement:

Although GWCS does not require subject specific summer assignments, we do require that all students read the same books over the summer, one fiction and one non-fiction!  These books will be incorporated into class discussions and future assignments in the upcoming school year.  There will also be book discussions at the end of the summer.   Click on the link below for everything you wanted to know about this summer's common book project.

2016 Summer Reading Includes:

Bluefish by Pat Schmatz (all GWCS students)

The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday (all GWCS students)

How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims (for GWCS parents)

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2017 Summer Academic Classroom Options:

Below are links to alternative summer options for getting ahead academically, catching up or just for enrichment.  If you have experience with a program you feel we should recommend, please send that information to:  schoolinfo@gwcommunityschool.com 

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2017 Online Academic Options:

The online programs listed below are all accredited but they really vary in the way they are structured.  Take the time to understand the fine print before registering for a class. 

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Questions to be considered before selecting an online course:

1.  Dates - are there strict daily/weekly/course deadlines or is it very flexible?
2.  Times - do I need to sign on every day at a certain time?
3.  Grading - who grades the work?  The teacher who teaches the course or others?
4.  Enrollment - how many students can enroll?  Is the class capped or can hundreds of students be enrolled in any given class?
5.  Credit - is the class for one high school credit?  Often classes are offered in two parts.
6.  Grade/Transcript - how will you receive your final grade and transcript?
7.  Access - am I able to correspond directly with my teacher? 
8.  Questions - what if I need extra help?
9.  Books - do I need to purchase any textbooks or materials?
10.  Technical Problems - how will I communicate with the school if there are technical problems?
11.  Communication - how will I communicate with the teacher?  Availability?

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SAT & ACT Prep Classes

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