2018 Summer EVENTS at GWCS:

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GWCS offers fun summer activities providing our students many opportunities to get together after school lets out.   Click on the link below for the full summer events schedule which includes:  Freedom 5K, Tubing the Shenandoah River, Two Movie Marathons, an Air Guitar Workshop, Yoga & Tea, a National's Baseball Game, the annual Yearbook BBQ, Common Book Discussion, and, as always, the end of the summer Bowling Bash!  Be sure to sign-up before the RSVP deadlines! 

The 2018 Summer Robotics schedule is on hold because the robotics lab is moving! Stay tuned for possible robotics events in August. Check back!

2017 Summer ROBOTICS Workshops at GWCS:

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 The GW Community School and Coyote Robotics, Inc. will be hosting Saturday Workshops throughout the summer. These are opportunities for past team members as well as other school and neighborhood students (rising grades 7-12) and adults interested in learning about robotics and our FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Each workshop will run from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm and take place at the GW Community School.

2018 GWCS Summer READING Recommendations:

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Summer is a great time to keep your brain active and engaged, and step up your critical thinking skills. In the summer you can slow down and really process what you're reading. That’s the type of reading you need to cultivate for success in college. GWCS teachers and staff recommend that the following books be considered for your summer reading!   

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All GWCS students are highly encouraged to read this year's GWCS Common Book:  Holes by Louis Sachar.  All ages (parents, students, siblings, cousins...) who have read the book in its entirety are welcome to join Mr. Wallace and Mr. Goldie for this book discussion which will include a surprise activity:

Book Discussion: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Holes is one of the best books ever written! A darkly comic mystery novel set in a youths' detention center in the middle of a desert, where young Stanley Yelnats struggles with the daily grind of digging lots of holes as well as a multi-generational family curse.

Remember to R.S.V.P. for the Book Discussion:  Click Here



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2018 GWCS Summer PODCAST Recommendations:

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Many of the books on our recommended reading list (above) are also available in audio format.  Audio books are a great way to share the experience while driving to the beach or wherever your adventures may take you this summer.  We have also compiled the following list of podcast recommendations!  Research has shown that listening to audio books and podcasts increases listener’s comprehension and allows students’ to absorb material that is up to three grade levels higher than their reading comprehension.

Podcast Recommendations: 

2018 GWCS Summer AP & HONORS Class Preparation Assignments:

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The information below provides insight to the types of assignments, amount of work, skill prerequisites, and basic class assumptions of GWCS AP and Honors classes. After reviewing and completing some of these assignments, you may decide that you would like to take on the challenge of one or two AP or Honors courses, but not three, etc. We hope you find this helpful.

GWCS class schedules are not finalized until mid-to-late August due to our rolling-enrollment.  If you are interested in any of the AP or Honors classes offered at GWCS, we HIGHLY recommend you take on the challenge of the assignments provided below.  Completing these assignments over the summer will certainly add to your personal edification! It will be time well spent.  

Although we can not guarantee your placement in a class, we ensure that upperclassmen especially will have the opportunity to enroll in classes to keep them on track for graduation, but like with any academic institution, we can’t promise you all of your first choices. That said, we do aim to please.

2018 Summer Cove Middle School Summer Camp

"Summer Cove is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and individuality. We strive to create specialized camp programs that we feel are geared towards children in grades 6 - 9, an age group that we feel is seriously neglected when it comes to summer camps. Our program works to engage students in ways that force them to think outside of the box and give them a place where they can truly grow as a person. e offer programs ranging from specialized camps such as film-making and photography, as well as "just for fun" camps like The Amazing Race and How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse and the list goes on."

  • Location:  Summer Cove Camp is using the GWCS facility to run a series of camps.
  • Offering:  Five separate weeks of many different creative camp choices for middle school age students.
  • Dates:  July 9 - August 10, 2018

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2018 Summer Academic Classroom Options:

Below are links to alternative summer options for getting ahead academically, catching up or just for enrichment.  If you have experience with a program you feel we should recommend, please send that information to:  schoolinfo@gwcommunityschool.com 

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2018 Online Academic Options:

The online programs listed below are all accredited but they really vary in the way they are structured.  Take the time to understand the fine print before registering for a class. 

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Questions to be considered before selecting an online course:

1.  Dates - are there strict daily/weekly/course deadlines or is it very flexible?
2.  Times - do I need to sign on every day at a certain time?
3.  Grading - who grades the work?  The teacher who teaches the course or others?
4.  Enrollment - how many students can enroll?  Is the class capped or can hundreds of students be enrolled in any given class?
5.  Credit - is the class for one high school credit?  Often classes are offered in two parts.
6.  Grade/Transcript - how will you receive your final grade and transcript?
7.  Access - am I able to correspond directly with my teacher? 
8.  Questions - what if I need extra help?
9.  Books - do I need to purchase any textbooks or materials?
10.  Technical Problems - how will I communicate with the school if there are technical problems?
11.  Communication - how will I communicate with the teacher?  Availability?

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SAT & ACT Prep Classes

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