I graduated from GWCS in 2011. Since then, I attended Marymount University and earned a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English. I am currently enrolled in the Master’s program at Marymount, pursuing a Master of Arts in English and Humanities.

It is my tremendous pleasure to be able to teach at my alma matter. I honestly believe this institution, GWCS, can perform miracles. I am delighted to be a member of this team.

English is my passion. There is nothing more vital than to hone one’s ability to make meaning of life. To make meaning, amusingly enough, has a twin meaning in and of itself: to create meaning, thereby endowing something with value which previously was bereft of it—seeing a face in a cloud or capturing a sunset with a camera-- or else to interpret meaning, such as puzzling out a meaning previously hidden—unveiling androcentric bias in a novel or discovering religious allegory in a film. It is up to us, through critical thinking, to both endue life with value and discover its hidden secrets.

By learning interpretative strategies, students can discover how representation not just reflects our reality but directs it. Only by interrogating these representations, challenging authority, and reading against the grain, can our beautiful world be fully appreciated, deconstructed, and then reconstructed as something better.

Courses Taught

Creative Writing

Writing is the most liberating form of art: it is not restrained by the limited hues of paint, the finite notes of an instrument, nor even the expense of marble. As long as one has a pencil and a piece of paper, everything within human comprehension is expressible. Nothing comes close to the infinite possibilities afforded to the writer.

This class allows students to explore a multitude of facets of creative writing, including learning about the writing process, the revision process, and peer workshopping. Students will explore a myriad of forms of writing, including, but not limited to, poetry, drama, flash fiction, travel writing, memoir, and technical writing, and hone their craft through a variety of genres, including mystery, comedy, horror, tragedy, and surrealism. We will work cooperatively to improve as writers through peer workshops wherein all students will give and receive constructive criticism. Together, we will explore the unlimited possibilities of creative writing.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club allows students to explore a multitude of facets of creative writing, ranging from learning about the nature of the writing process itself to experimenting with the myriad genres of literature.

As a general schedule, every meeting, the students vote on a genre, such as poetry, fantasy, drama, etc. Following this decision, a small discussion of the genre, involving its merits and conventions will ensue. After this dialogue, the writing process begins: students have one week to produce a piece in line with the selected genre. Each student will present his/her piece and receive feedback in the form of constructive criticism from his/her peers.