Microsoft Office 365 Software at Home!

Hey GWCS Students & Staff,

Did you know that you can download Microsoft Office 365 programs  (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook) on up to FIVE devices?  Obviously, one of those devices will be your school computer.  We have not taken this step on our school computers yet but we will be doing that together as soon as the email merge is complete.  But, if you would like to download the programs to any of your other devices and connect them to your GWCS 365 account, you can do that now!  

Note:  You  can install the mobile apps for free on an unlimited number of mobile devices (iPads, smartphones..) and this does not count against the 5 downloads of the full Office Suite to your computers.

This morning I downloaded all the software to my Mac at home.  The process was multi-step but pretty self explanatory.  Outlook (for your email) is a separate download and once the software is downloaded you will need to go to “tools” in Outlook and connect it to your MS Office 365 account.  Hey, if I can do it - so can you!

Simply login to your Microsoft Office 365 account (  As shown below, you should have the option to “Install Office on more devices”.  Click on the install link appropriate to your device and follow the instructions.  (Note – you will not have the Admin icon.)