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Somewhere Outside the Beltway...


Thursday, September 30, 2010.  We’re off to see the Wizard.  The wonderful Wizard named Wall.

John Wall.

As well as the Wizard named Arenas.

Also the Wizard named Blatche.

All of the Wizards who are so far under contract!


A Soggy yet Successful Writing Retreat

DSCF2638A little (okay, a lot of) rain didn’t stop GW’s annual senior college essay-writing retreat from being a big success. Since 2005, GW has taken seniors to the shores of Lake Anna, VA, for this innovative and ground-breaking program. In the course of two days, seniors take classes, receive one-on-one help, and engage in guided activities on their way to producing a complete, ready-to-go personal statement for their college applications. 


GWCS Jumps into Community Service!

IMG_2527IMG_2533 GWCS wasted no time jumping into its first community service project of the school year.  On the first day of school, 14 students joined Mr. Goldie, Mr. Connelly and Ms. Warden to make dog biscuits for the Homeward Trails Animal Shelter.  Homeward Trails seeks to find permanent adoptive homes for dogs and cats from high-kill shelters or whose owners can no longer care for them.


Remembering Summer 2010

What did you do over your summer vacation? Go to Europe? Hang out at the beach? Visit relatives? Well, 20 students from GW and other local high schools can answer something way more exciting than any of that. They can say they were at the GWCS Summer SessionCIMG0117


GWCS Welcomes New Students

The Student Government Association (SGA) kicked off the 2010 fall term with a new student meet-and-greet. The Friday before school began, SGA members showed new students around the school, introduced them to GWCS faculty, and spoke on


Learning,      Service,      Kindness,      Excellence,      Investment,      Team Play,      Intellectual Curiosity,     Responsibility