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Remembering Summer 2010

What did you do over your summer vacation? Go to Europe? Hang out at the beach? Visit relatives? Well, 20 students from GW and other local high schools can answer something way more exciting than any of that. They can say they were at the GWCS Summer SessionCIMG0117


GWCS Welcomes New Students

The Student Government Association (SGA) kicked off the 2010 fall term with a new student meet-and-greet. The Friday before school began, SGA members showed new students around the school, introduced them to GWCS faculty, and spoke on


GWCS Raised Almost $2,000 For The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The 2010 Cystic-Fibrosis walk was a big success! A total of 18 people came out to DC on Wed. May 5th to help raise money for a wonderful cause. GW raised almost $2,000 this year. Thanks to all the students, parents and teachers who came out and participated!


The GWCS 2010 R.E.A.L. Term Internship Program

The 2010 R.E.A.L. Internship program got off to an amazing start on Friday, April 16th !  Although we had some last minute cancellations, thanks to the heroic efforts of several individuals who will be mentioned shortly, virtually every student had at least one option that fit their personality and/or 


Class of 2010 College Acceptances Announced...

Congratulations to the GWCS graduating class of 2010 for an impressive list of college acceptances!  A total of 45 different higher education institutions are included in this years acceptance list.  These schools range from small, private, liberal arts colleges to large, public universities located all over the country.   Many GW seniors received substantial scholarships ranging from $4,000 per year to an offer for a full-ride.  


Learning,      Service,      Kindness,      Excellence,      Investment,      Team Play,      Intellectual Curiosity,     Responsibility