Roger Muntu, French Teacher

Mr. Muntu began studying languages in high school and immediately fell in love with them. Through studying and learning Latin, he became very interested in the analytics and evolution of language in general. As he continued his Latin studies, he also took beginner courses (some in high school and some in college) in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

As he pursued his love for languages, he also developed a love and appreciation for cultures different from his own; as he pursued these interests, he realized that he wanted to teach in order to guide students to the same excitement and discoveries he had found through his own studies and travels. Mr. Muntu began teaching French in Fairfax County Public schools in 1998, and then came to GWCS in the fall of 2006.

Mr. Muntu is a graduate of Marymount University with Bachelor degree in Computer Information System and minor in Business Management and he is working on his Master of Business Administration / Minor in Communication.

At GWCS, Mr. Muntu has taught 9th - 12th grade French, Latin, Graphic Design, Video and Sound Editing.  

Mr. Muntu is also a French journalist at Voice of America. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with his daughters and other family members, to play with his dogs, to play basketball, go to the beach, to make and listen to music, and to make short films.



French I introduces the student to the basics of the language, emphasizing pronunciation, conversational skills, and grammar while developing reading and writing skills. Awareness and appreciation for cultural differences are introduced and integrated with language study. Connections to and influences on our own language are explored.


French II continues to develop the skills learned in French 1 while expanding vocabulary, along with conversation and grammatical knowledge bases. The composed past and imperfect past tenses are introduced and differentiated, as well as tense sequence. The Francophone world is explored, along with its relevance in the 21st century.


French III exposes students to advanced grammar concepts, including the future tense and the conditional and subjunctive moods through text, conversation, and literary selections. Pertinent current events and their historical context are explored. An awareness of cross-cultural influences is integrated in course content, with focus on modern day France.