Coyote PAC is a program designed to organize and incorporate the abundance of parental resources and talents so evident in our community.  Through the Coyote PAC, we are able to support and enhance GWCS by:

  • Building Connections

  • Fostering Communications

  • Empowering Community

From quarterly parent get-togethers to participating in our GWCS traditions, we encourage all parents to volunteer their time and talents.

One example of the power of our Coyote PAC is our annual Online Auction, organized by our PAC Fundraising Committee.  Funds raised through the auction directly benefit all of our students, and include:

  • Significant ugrades to our freshmen/sophomore OBX (Out of the Box) trips and our junior/senior trips

  • Moving our entire computer system to the cloud, projectors for all classrooms and computer software upgrades

  • Professional development for teachers in new areas of study, such as Dr. Cox's training for AP Computer Science Principles class

  • And so much more

get involved with PAC! 

2018-2019 lEADERS OF THE PAC

Julia O'Grady, Treasurer

Kim Dwyer, Fundraising/Auction

Melissa Morgan, Facilities

Linda Campbell, Volunteers 

Lisa Kimmel, Faculty Appreciation

Andrea Spiegel, Communications

Mary Beth Burger, Graduation


 (Preferred form is the online form but PDF is also available.  Hard copies of PDF may be turned in to the PAC mailbox in room #3 at GWCS.)

Coyote PAC
All Parents Meetings

(All parents are encouraged to attend)

All GWCS parents are encouraged to attend the quarterly PAC meetings.  Appetizers and a light buffet is always provided (enough to call it a meal) so don't worry if you need to come directly from work.  PAC meetings are an opportunity to learn about upcoming GWCS events and opportunities, ask questions, share information and a great chance to mingle with fellow GWCS parents.  No pressure, just come and hang out.  This is a fun, upbeat way to stay informed and involved with your GWCS community.

2018-2019 PAC Parent Meetings:

  • Tue, Sept 25, 2018
    (Back-to-School Night)

  • Tue, Oct 23, 2018 (Q1)

  • Thu, Nov 29, 2018 (Q2)

  • Thu, Mar 7, 2019 (Q3)

  • Wed, May 1, 2019 (Q4)

(Dates are subject to change.) 


march 4-8, 2019
goal:  $15,000

Every year the Coyote PAC Fundraising Committee organizes an incredible online auction that directly benefits all of our students.   Funds raised support four specific areas:

  1. Teachers

  2. Technology

  3. Trips

  4. Traditions

Check out our 2018 Online Auction

Would you like more information or to donate to our next auction? Go to our support page linked below. 

Questions?  Please Contact:
Auction Committee Chair


GWCS underclassmen parents are in charge of the planning and execution of GWCS graduation.  Please submit a PAC Volunteer form if you are interested in helping with the planning and/or execution of graduation.  When your child is a senior, you will get to sit back and enjoy the festivities.