Kristen Stombres - Internship Coordinator

Every Friday during fourth quarter, GWCS juniors and seniors participate in R.E.A.L. Term Spring Co-Ops.  In short, this means they are off campus getting real-world experience in an area that interests them.  We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Stombres as our R.E.A.L. Term Spring Co-Op Coordinator.  Mrs. Stombres puts in hundreds of hours talking with our juniors and seniors about their interests, contacting potential hosts, meeting with potential supervisors, conducting training sessions, and even taking students to interviews.  Under her direction, GWCS juniors and seniors are well prepared to intern in the Spring Co-Op program and have this incredible opportunity to explore possible career paths, pursue academic interests, and experience meaningful, first-hand work-based experience.



GWCS R.E.A.L. Term Spring Co-Op Program