Mr. Andrews Bashan is a citizen of the world, an eager soul, a best friend, and an awesome father. He is FOR sandwiches. He is full of gratitude (sometimes he is loudly full of gratitude). He really loves to sing.

Mr. AB believes in the notion of Aristotelian virtue, that a thing is best when it is most useful. As an English teacher, he believes he is most useful when helping his pupils effectively communicate through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking clearly and creatively. If he can communicate his values of intellectual curiosity, willingness to serve others, and engagement, all while preparing his students for the rigors of a university level education, he feels pretty good about himself. Mr. AB holds a bachelor's degree in English/secondary education from Northern Arizona University.

His wife Lyla is a diplomat. His two daughters Ramona and Leigh are pretty neat too.

He can be best reached by email (andrewsm@gwcommunityschool.com). Please don't hesitate to contact him with any questions or concerns you may have.




The capacity for oral and written language sets human beings apart as unique within the world as we know it.

But how do we use this great capacity most well? This course focuses on building an online portfolio of projects that showcase your capacity to write, read, speak and listen capably. These projects require you to use and build your close reading and listening skills, your research skills, your digital media skills, your storytelling skills, etc.

We also spend a lot of time in and out of class reading novels, articles, plays, writing about anything and everything, listening to interesting people explore even more interesting ideas, and discussing the world in which we find ourselves.