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About the School

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The GW Community School is a co-educational private, college preparatory high school serving students grades nine through twelve.  GWCS is owned and operated by teachers who understand the learning process, students' needs, and who genuinely enjoy teaching adolescents. They work closely with students and their families to maximize learning.

Hayden2013The GW Community School embodies a vision shared by teachers, parents, and students: A school committed to developing and optimizing the giftedness and intelligence of each student; allowing each student to connect with their school, their world, and themselves.

The Birth of The GW Community School
Two talented and forward-looking teachers, Alexa C. Warden and Richard A. Goldie, actively sought a school where they could serve a specific population-bright, nontraditional learners, a population not well served in existing educational programs. A group of parents in northern Virginia recognized the need for a high school to serve their children whose abilities were not being developed. Circumstances and good fortune brought these two groups of people together to start a school to serve these students. Community High School Corporation was incorporated in June 1999 to open the GW Community School for the 1999/2000 school year. 

CardboardBoat 2013Our Students
Our students are motivated and capable people who want to succeed. They flourish in a positive school culture where they can learn beyond the facts.

Our students are involved and engaged in their community. They participate in school-sponsored activities, clubs, teams, and community service opportunities.

Our students enjoy a genuine learning community where students and staff are connected by mutual respect and caring in an intellectually challenging environment.

Current Enrollment:  55 
Students Grades: 9 - 12

Tuition:  The standard tuition for the school year 2013 - 2014 is $21,900. Please call 703.978.7208 to request additional information and a fee schedule.

Enrollment:  Current student enrollment for the 2013 - 2014 school year is 55 students.


  • We offer a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum in a nurturing, collegial atmosphere.
  • We focus on thinking critically, drawing parallels, and questioning assumptions rather than merely assimilating information.
  • Students develop skills that they will need to succeed at the university level and beyond. Giving presentations, writing proposals, and creating products makes learning valuable and meaningful.
  • Classes are small and student-centered. There is no "back of the room".
  • Master teachers lead core courses and an array of electives with an innovative spin, making
    learning come to life.
  • Students feel free to take risks in an environment where they can think out loud.
  • Students meet with faculty advisors for 20 minutes a day to plan for academic success and ensure community involvement.
  • Each student and faculty member is issued a laptop computer for use at home and at school. Our wireless network eases communication and instruction within our own community and the global community as well.

The GW Community School is an equal opportunity employer and accepts students of any sex, race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

The GW Community School is not a Special Education Facility.

Pereira EmilyCole 2013Admissions Policy: GWCS has rolling admission.  If you are interested in learning more about our school please call to schedule an appointment / student interview with our Director, Ms. Alexa Warden.  This meeting will provide you an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about our school, visit classrooms and really get a feel for GWCS.  Typically these meetings are scheduled for 10:15 a.m. and last approximately one hour.  Afterwards, if you are interested and it seems like a good fit for both you and GWCS we will begin the application process.  GWCS applications are accepted following the interview process.  PDF Application / MS Word Application

Accreditation: GWCS is dually accredited with The Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Grading System:  The school year consists of four quarters.  Up to date grades are communicated weekly to parents and students via emailed status reports.  Report cards are emailed to parents and students at the end of each quarter.  Final grades are comprised of quarterly grades, midterms and finals. GWCS does not record class rank. 

97-100% 93-96% 90-92% 87-89% 83-86% 80-82% 77-79% 73-76% 70-72% 67-69% 63-66% 60-62% 0-59%
4.33 4.00 3.67 3.33 3.00 2.67 2.33 2.00 1.67 1.33 1.00 0.66 0.00

Curriculum: We offer an innovative college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes application of knowledge, not merely assimilation of information. Courses are student-centered and designed to equip students with the skills they will need to succeed in life and in institutes of higher learning. Students will practice peer mediation and develop leadership skills in a structured environment. They will participate in community service activities and benefit by having members of the community participate in school activities.

Honors Courses:  Our current honors course offerings include:  Physics and all levels of English.

Advanced Placement Courses:  Our current AP course offerings include:  U.S. History, Government and Calculus.  Advanced Placement courses at GWCS are not weighted differently than any other courses.  Students may register for and take AP exams even if that course is not offered during the current school year.

Graduation Requirements:  GWCS curriculum meets or exceeds Virginia's Standards of Learning. 

22 Credit Standard Diploma24 Credit Advanced Diploma
English - 4 Credits English - 4 Credits
Math - 3 Credits Math - 4 Credits
Lab Science - 3 Credits Lab Science - 4 Credits
History - 4 Credits History - 4 Credits
Health and PE - 2 Credits Health and PE - 2 Credits
Art - 1 Credit Art - 1 Credit
Electives - 5 Credits Electives - 2 Credits
Language - 0 Credits Language - 3 Credits*

GWCS CEEB Code: 472138 

*Three years of one language or two years each of two different languages.

Note:  The Virginia Department of Education now requires all students pass a one credit History & Social Science course called Economics & Personal Finance beginning with the graduating class of 2015.    This course will be in addition to the above mentioned graduation requirements.

Caroline Jamie 2013











Learning,      Service,      Kindness,      Excellence,      Investment,      Team Play,      Intellectual Curiosity,     Responsibility